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Going back to the origin
is the key to creating something new.

The process of creating something new always starts with going back to the origin. We’ve been working hard to develop traditional semi-raw sweets, adapting to changes in taste over time. But at the same time, we also place great importance on preserving the basic principles of making traditional sweets and creating something with which you can enjoy a taste of Japan.
Aiming to make our customers’ lives better and richer, we have been and will be making original products that no other company could.

Management philosophy

Make sweets carefully in the spirit of confidence, pride, and harmony

Company credo

Do what others don’t to create new things.


Strive together to make our company better


President and Representative Director
Eiichi Kubota

Our company was founded in 1950 as a half-raw sweets manufacturer. Under the theme of “Trace the roots of Japanese wagashi and create a taste of hometown,” we’ve been endeavoring to create something new that no other company has ever made, while keeping in mind the origin of wagashi. We believe it’s our mission to make our customers’ lives better and richer with our tasty sweets. We devote ourselves daily to making unique sweets with great care for taste, shape, and quality. Our employees are also trying their best to meet our customers’ needs by ensuring the safety and security of our products under the philosophy of “Make sweets carefully in the spirit of confidence, pride, and harmony.” With the best facilities as a gyuhi* sweets manufacturer, we distribute our quality products not only to domestic super markets, convenience stores, and co-op stores but also overseas, including Hong Kong and the US. As a JFS-B* conforming organization, we will continually work hard to maintain our solid management and better satisfy our customers. We sincerely appreciate your continuing support.

*Gyuhi is a type of confectionery made by boiling down and kneading a blend of rice flour, sugar, and starch syrup
*The JFS-B standard is a food safety management standard developed in Japan, based on the HACCP food management system.

company’s outline

Kubota Seika Co., Ltd
2430-1, Kanaenagokuma, lida-shi, Nagano 395-0804 JAPAN
Phone: +81 265-24-5522 FAX: +81 265-24-5554